What if you suddenly realised that MAYBE it wasn’t everyone else that was behaving strangely…

What if that shyness isn’t just timidity?

What if you go to a movie like The Accountant, hear people laughing at the awkwardness and struggles of the main character, and find yourself in tears because you feel like they are laughing at you?  (And then by the end of the movie realise that SOMEBODY must understand who you are, even if it’s not the people around you.)

What if you’ve spent your life trying to not do or say things that cause other people to look at you like you’re a freak?

What if you realise that you actually secretly rehearse things like looking people in the eye, saying prayers in church, or even simply greeting people?

What if thinking about making a home-teaching visit causes minor panic attacks?  (Much less bringing yourself to ACTUALLY make the appointment…)

What if you really have a testimony, but you struggle with the endless, irreconcilable cultural contradictions that arise during church activity?

What if you feel more comfortable at a church dinner with fingers plugging both of your ears to drown out the sound of joyful chatter?

Maybe you start a blog?